Eddi Reader - March/April 2010


Artists struggling to get famous

Being an artist is a tough job nowadays, especially if you are in the music business. In the past, musicians only had to come up with a good set list, release it on albums and watch their bank accounts soar as the CD’s would fly out of the record shops. Today, the internet has made available for downloading almost every song ever recorded. This state of things forces many artists and their friends to struggle with their personal lives. Here are just a few methods that they use to overcome their financial strains and improve their lifestyle:

Touring brings fame

For the musicians who cannot afford to record a disc, traveling is the best option they have to reach their fans. Going on local or national tours increases their popularity and their fame. More than that, they have the chance to impress music producers who could later sign them for their first professional contract. In some rare cases, a few loyal fans choose to take the band to every possible concert. This strategy builds up notoriety and a possible cult following in their musical future.

Online sampling is crucial

The internet is overwhelmed with music nowadays. This fact makes it impossible for artists to sell their songs printed on CDs, vinyl or vintage cassettes. Their best option is to offer a free sample of their albums online through a social media platform or on their website. This way they give fans and their friends an idea of what their music sounds like and if it is worth buying.

Free merchandising attracts fans

A bold strategy from a Baltimore band has sparked a new fashion among struggling artists. These musicians have decided to offer free t-shirts and other merchandise materials for every album downloaded freely from their website. This marketing technique has brought them impressive gains from online ads, and it has reduced the danger of web piracy. Also, it is well-known that fans love free stuff and they have gladly accepted the offer. Some of them even accessed the albums twice to get additional products for their friends.

Hot girls equal popularity

One way to attract more fans, and implicitly more money, is to bring into the band a hot, beautiful girls. The presence of sexy ladies you can find on website in your fan group increases your popularity and your social status. People are easily impressed by the musical tastes of good-looking individuals, and they will gladly support your flourishing career because they want to be associated with beauty and haute couture.

Create art from life’s struggles

When all strategies to attract more fans fail it is a good idea to return to the fundamental artistic goal with which you have started your career. The concept of creating art for the sake of the craft has always paid off, and history is full of famous people who became popular only after they had hit rock bottom. Life’s struggles can teach you some of the toughest lessons out there. Before you get a luxury car and a sexy girl, you must concentrate on how to make the best out of your current situation.

Use a Heat Protection Spray If You Want To Save Some Hair Strands

If you want your hair to remain beautiful, it is important that you protect it by using a heat protection spray. Using the spray saves you from the need of blow-drying it because it adds moisture and oils that help to nourish and keep it soft. However, using the right products before blow drying, it is recommended if you want to protect the strands from the heat. Using products like Profollica is recommended if you want to guard against hair loss.

girls using profollica

Why use protection spray before styling?

Using heat protectant before styling guarantees you the best outcome. This is why heat protectant should be part of your styling routine.

When you expose the hair to heat every time you choose to style it, it damages the hair and leads to hair loss. However, applying protectant and using appropriate tools helps to prevent heat damage. It offers the hair heat protection and is formulated to work virtually with all styling tools. The protection spray protects the hair from heat damage and blocks humidity. Also, it calms frizz and seals in the shine and conditions strands.

Using the spray is simple. All that you are required to do is to spray on the damp hair roots, comb through and style it. You may opt to use Profollica before blow-drying it. Profollica gel is one of the products that protect the hair from heat damage and allows you to style your hair in any way you want without the risk of damaging it. However, you need to take measures such as soaking it wet and allowing it to dry before blow drying it.

Notice that you must limit the tools you use if you want the hair to look smooth and dry. Also, it is necessary that you give your hair a break before blow drying it and use recommended products only if you want the hair to look smooth.