News about art management programs

The fast changing environment we all witness nowadays made cultural-learning institutions adapt their opportunities. Art management programs are such an outcome. As abstract as it may seem, a career in this field involves creativity and practical sense at the same time. A manager is required to bring his clients’ art closer to their audience. Read on to find out the news in terms of art management programs that will help you make the best choice.


Keep up with the news from art management programs

Art management is traditionally studied as a master degree of 2 years. This is the most common program among students that choose to become a career planner for performers and their work. The news about art management programs brings an alternative for master degree, which lasts for 6 months. The graduate certificate program will provide you the knowledge needed to start this career. You will learn basic marketing and business strategies that will help you redirect your clients and their cultural products in line with the newest trends. Accounting and law are also covered in this program, as these are mandatory for a cultural manager.


Whether you enroll in a master or graduate program, you will get the chance to collaborate with important cultural institutions. This is the case of Belmore area, where such collaborations are common. Some students manage to obtain a contract with these institutions or at least their recommendation, which is quite important. You have a great business opportunity as an art management student so use any kind of project to prove your efficiency as a cultural administrator. Theaters or houses of recording will require your services soon after graduating an art management program.

Tony Johannsen

Be up to date with the news about art management programs to keep you informed and well prepared for any change from this industry. A cultural administrator always learns new things that are later exploited in his client and audience’s advantage, creating what is called win-win situations.